Once you begin to train, you start to apply the “Jiu Jitsu mindset” to other aspects of your life. It can’t be explained, but it changes EVERYTHING FOR THE BETTER. Come experience this phenomenon with a FREE CLASS today!

Women Empowered

Meet and exceed your personal goals in a supportive and fun environment!

Confident Kids

Jiu Jitsu gives kids the tools to be confident and assertive, when facing adversity!

The Jucao Family

At Team Jucao, we are a family, support and encouragement are what makes us succeed!

Personal Goals

Professors Larson and Gatoff are always available by appointment.

According to a Department of Veterans Affairs study, each day over 20 veterans take their own lives.  It is the purpose of Mission 22 to now fight for these heroes, who return and battle different combat injuries, such as TBI and PTSD.

Our heroes are able to better manage many of the difficulties associated with their combat injuries, when they get involved in great communities like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Mission 22 offers full sponsorships to gyms for any of our heroes, going through their Mission 22 programs.  As a Mission 22 Ambassador, Team Jucao NY is extremely proud to be a part of this most important battle.