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Team Jucão Kids Jiu Jitsu Program

The focus of our kids program is on learning self-defense and bully-prevention methods while improving fitness.

We accomplish this through creating a fun experience to encourage your child to enjoy exercise, improving your child’s concentration and determination, practicing social skills, good sportsmanship and respect for others. We utilize a positive feedback reinforcement approach to encourage the learning process and help your child gain self-focus and self-discipline.

The curriculum includes Self-Defense, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Bully Prevention skills, and Fitness. Students participate in exercises, drills, games, techniques, controlled sparring, stretching, respect and teamwork. Your child will have fun, get fit, learn self-defense primarily through the martial art of jiu jitsu. They will gain focus and increase discipline!

There is a full curriculum and rank system and classes are carefully structured and supervised by multiple Coaches and Assistants.

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Once you begin to train, you start to apply the “Jiu Jitsu mindset” to other aspects of your life. It can’t be explained, but it changes EVERYTHING FOR THE BETTER. Come experience this phenomenon with a FREE CLASS today!

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